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Double magnum

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We are double magnum


Double Magnum is a band composed of 4 brothers, Nicolas, Maxime, Alexis and Felix Boivin from Ottawa-Gatineau aged 16 to 23. The brothers have been composing together for almost 5 years now and show influences from the Beatles to Billy Talent and strong John Mayer vibes.
From the catchy hooks of "Flies in Berlin", the melodic poetry of "Let You Fall", to the rock guitar sound of "Queen of Pain", this album features 7 original songs that each show a different aspect of these talented young musicians' tastes and aspirations, both lyrically and musically.
Double Magnum est un groupe de musique composé de 4 frères: Nicolas, Maxime, Alexis et Felix Boivin de la ville d'Ottawa-Gatineau, âgés de 16 à 23 ans. Les frères composent ensemble depuis maintenant presque 5 ans. Ils tirent leurs influences de groupes comme les Beatles et Billy Talent ainsi que de sons comme ceux de John Mayer. 
Des refrains entrainants de "Flies in Berlin", des mélodies poétiques de "Let You Fall", aux sons rock et blues "Queen of Pain", cet album comprend 7 chansons qui montrent différentes facettes des compositions de ces jeunes musiciens auteurs-compositeurs-interprètes.


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Double Magnum


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A SONG FOR JANE - (official music video) release

mar 31 


Directed by : Vincent Bombardier, Neil Southam Produced by : Neil Southam, Alexis Boivin